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5160 TPE Bio Tube Sealer

World’s Only Large Diameter
TPE Tube Sealer

The SEBRA 5160 bio sealer stands as the sole aseptic disconnect device globally, specifically designed to meet the pressing requirement of biopharmaceutical manufacturers for producing leak-proof permanent seals on large-diameter thermoplastic tubes (up to 1″ Inner Diameter), ensuring the integrity of your product’s sterility.  Intuitive by design, this bio sealer allows for manufacturers to scale up processes using larger tubing for increased flow rates, eliminating the need of adding reduction fittings and smaller tubing on transfer lines.  It incorporates portability, and features that allow for easy reach hanging storage, and creates uniform seals within minutes.  The SEBRA 5160 bio sealer is supported by our global service team offering training, IQ/OQ packages, service contracts, calibration kits, and field support as desired.

Validated Settings Ensure Precision Seals

The 5160 bio sealer comes fully prepared for immediate use, equipped with validated recipes tailored for an extensive array of popular TPE tubing brands, encompassing but not restricted to C-Flex®, AdvantaFlex®, CellGyn®, and Flexelene™. It accommodates tubing sizes of up to 1″ inner diameter and is compatible with various tubing states including natural, gamma irradiated, and autoclaved, whether filled, wet, or dry.  The convenient password protected user interface allows for simple and precise setting adjustments as required by any unique application requirements.

Seal With Confidence, Range and Precision

Distinguished for its ability to seal tubes up to 1.0” Inner Diameter, the 5160 bio sealer utilizes tube positioning guides sized for each size of tubing allowing the user to create repeatable, uniform seals precisely and securely.  The 5160 bio sealer produces extra-wide seals offering a distinct visual cut line, mitigating contamination risks linked to cutting for disconnection. This ensures superior seal quality and maintains sterility at an optimal level. 

Lightweight, Portable and Compliant Sealing Head

Connected to the 5160 controller via an up to 3m cable, the portable 5163 sealing head and optional hanging feature allows for ease of use in constrained environments.  The convenient remote cycle start button provides increased productivity and process repeatability.  The 5160 bio sealer is regulatory compliant, fully safety tested, CE Marked and TÜV certified.


  • Validated Recipes for multiple TPE tubing brands and sizes.
  • User Adjustable for unique application requirements.
  • Creates wide seals with distinct visual cut line.
  • Intuitive Color Touchscreen User Interface.
  • Two options of cable lengths allowing for optimized ergonomic portable sealing head.
  • Tube positioning guides precisely and securely create repeatable, uniform seals.
  • Safety interlock and shielding protect users from radiating heat exposure.


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