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Seal Multiple TPE Tubes At Once

Seal Multiple TPE Tubes At Once
Posted December 2nd, 2020 in

Vante offers custom solutions for your tube sealing applications! Customize a 4160 Tube Sealer and begin sealing multiple TPE tubes at once. Reduce processing times byy 4x and increase product output up to 400%.


Customer Challenge:

The customer presented a cycle time-sensitive application that required several bioreactors to be emptied in a short period of time. We had to seal four TPE tubes within a time of 2 minutes total.

The Solution:

In order to meet the customer’s requirements, Vante engineers created the modifications to an off-the-shelf sealing head and determined the correct recipe parameters to seal all four tubes in one cycle.

The Result:

A successful process and another satisfied customer!


Learn more about the Vante 4160 or Contact us at to talk about your tube sealing and tube welding needs and how SEBRA can help solve your challenging tube sealing requirements.